Mahogany Furniture

The Excellence of Mahogany Furniture


There are many kinds of wood in this world. One of them is teak which very famous because of its quality is very good. This type of wood is very often used as a material to make the furniture. But it has high price and more increasingly rare to get so that there are many people choose other wood types to change it. Other wood type which is often chosen by people to change teak is mahogany. This mahogany is as good as teak and it also can be used as furniture like teak. In terms of price, it has lower price than teak. And its availability is more than teak. Besides that, mahogany is easy to be cut and it produces smooth fiber. This is very good to be applied for furniture with decorative purpose.

Actually, not all wood types are suitable for furniture especially for interior. There are several requirements that should be fulfilled to make furniture that is made from wood material to look up. The requirements of good wood that is used for furniture materials are have smooth and dense fiber, it does not have many wooden eyes, and it is not easily cracked. These all requirements are owned by mahogany. Different with other wood which has good fiber, fiber of mahogany tend to be plain. Olden, it was considered as a deficiency. Nowadays, many industries consider that lack of fiber and lack of wood eyes as an advantage of mahogany. This condition makes wood look lighter. Even, this wood considered very flexible and suitable for mahogany furniture with various styles without any restrictions.

Like we said before that mahogany has smooth fiber so that it avoid the damage of wood in general such as cracked or split in half especially when it is cutting during construction process. That is why; it is very good to retain its appeal and appearance for many years. And it is also resistant to bending or other damage when exposed to moisture and other weather. Mahogany furniture can be cleaned easily without damage the wood surface. When it is used as door, mahogany is the best choice because it resistant to wood pests. Door that is made by mahogany will muffle quite a lot of noise. It means that every noise from outside will not be audible clearly. A table from mahogany is also very popular that other tables by using other wood types because it has good resistance to stains and water damage.