Indonesia wooden furniture

As we know that furniture is one of the most important things in home decoration. Furniture is home furnishing which includes all items such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. In other words, furniture are all objects in the house and used by homeowner to sit, lie down , or store small items such as clothing or cups to keep them safe. So, we definitely need furniture to support our needs. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor according to our needs. So, furniture with many colours and designs option will make our house is more enchanting.

Talking about furniture, it had been exist about hundreds of years ago. In ancient times, furniture is made of boulder. Nowadays, furniture has developments than before. Many people make furniture from timber which is softer and easy to make, but it can last longer and it can accommodate our needs. It is also easier to be moved than boulder which is hard and heavy. You can imagine that if there is no furniture in our house, we will be forced to sit and sleep or do any activities on the floor. It will make us not comfort. In Asia region, Indonesia is one of the best furniture manufacturers in the world. It is because Indonesia furniture has its own characteristic like its carving design.

Most of Indonesia furniture is exported to European countries. It is because Indonesia furniture satisfies European market with great quality of the timber that is used. Besides that, the price is not too expensive.One of favourite furniture of Europeans is teak furniture. There is also mahogany furniture that is no less popular. These furniture types are most interest. Besides they have good quality, they also easy to be carved. As we know that European desire antique furniture which are many carvings that represent the beauty and elegance. The furniture that usually carved is sofa, bed, photo frames, and many others. Carved furniture will be look more gorgeous with finishing. This is make our homes feel comfort and fabulous.