Furniture development

Development of Furniture in Indonesia


Natural wealth in Indonesia is various. It is a gift from God that we should be grateful. Although Indonesia has many islands from Sabang until Merauke, they have their own characteristic of natural yield. This natural wealth is very valuable and it is very pity if we are not used properly. Of course, with the principle of healthy living environment. In the knowledge that, if we take the fish in the sea, then take an appropriate manner for example. Not using bombs and participate converse and preserve the marine ecosystem by planting coral for example, so that the generation of marine life can be maintained well.

Nowadays in Indonesia, there are many people who utilize the wood into salable product such as furniture for home and industry. Interesting furniture which has high artistic value can take the attention of the world for those furniture maniacs. In additional to the function, unique furniture will add the artistic value in a room so that it can give comfort impression. Interesting furniture is not only about the craft and the design, but color selection also can give fascinating affects. There are many regions in Indonesia which have teak and mahogany forests such as in Central Java. It has considerable forest so that it is very suitable to open Furniture Company especially for Jepara, Rembang, and Blora area. Besides that, there are many more areas in Indonesia that could potentially be used as furniture business area.

Indonesia furniture is growing rapidly at the moment. It can be seen from the number of property developers ranging from residential, hotel, until the apartments are competing to develop its constructions with nice facilities. So, this is golden opportunity to grow the furniture business even go international by business. It can also increase foreign exchange and help the country’s economy because furniture business can provide the jobs for many employees, thereby decreasing the number of unemployed people.